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Insurance for Video Production Services

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What Insurance Do Video Production Services Need?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Video Production Services need insurance?

The instant gratification culture we live in continues to change business strategy. One big change in recent years is the transition to using video more in sharing information. With that shift, we continue to see a rise in video production services. As a video producer or production services owner, you know working with customers isn’t always easy and every day isn’t smooth sailing. You should also know that it is critical to protect the business you’ve built with insurance. Video production insurance protects you financially when lawsuits or other bad things occur that cost money.

What are risks Video Production Services could face?

You may think you don’t have a lot of risks to be worried about, but here are the top risks you face daily:

  • Stolen Equipment: This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence on production sites. Video equipment is not cheap to replace. How would you fund all new equipment if it disappeared tomorrow?
  • Auto Accidents: Traveling on the road is risky because you can’t always avoid accidents. If you are driving, turn a corner, find gridlocked traffic, and fail to stop in time. The damage to your vehicle and others quickly adds up in expenses.
  • Employee Injury: Video producers and production teams are constantly moving. The equipment you handle is often bulky and heavy. If one of your employees lifts something the wrong way and has to go to the hospital, you need to cover his/her medical expenses.
  • Lost Digital Files: Video and film production is completed digitally. If a hacker compromises your computer, steals a completed project, holds it ransom or worse disappears with it, you have a lot of potential expenses ahead of you. How much will it cost to recreate? Will the customer be understanding or angry?

How much does Videographer Insurance cost?

No two video production businesses are the same which means no two policies should be either. The cost varies depending on the types of services you offer (videography, photography, editing, and film production), how many employees you have, and how much experience you have. You can request a quote for insurance today by filling out an online application.

How can I add an additional insured for my Videographer Insurance?

Adding an additional insured is easy. Simply log on to your account and add the person or establishment to additional insured. You'll receive confirmation documents once your query is confirmed.

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