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Insurance for Tire Retreading Companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your Tire Retreading business need insurance?

In this industry, companies are involved in tire retreads, rebuilding, and recapping.

Your tire retreading business needs insurance as it protects it from the many known and unknown risks that your business could face. It covers your business from costly lawsuits, medical expenses, and any other expenses by paying for these in full. Your business assets and even your personal assets are protected when you have the right insurance.

What risks does your Tire Retreading business face?

Below are some common risks a tire retreading business could face:

  • The tire that you've retread for a customer has been responsible for an accident in which the customer was involved. Your customer is suing your business and wants you to pay for the damages including for their medical expenses.

  • Your tire retreading equipment suddenly malfunctions and your business production has suddenly been put on halt. The income that you would have earned is much smaller that day as a result.

  • A fire starts in your warehouse and causes all of your merchandise to be burned to ashes and makes your equipment unusable.

How much does insurance for a Tire Retreading business cost?

There is no fixed cost of insurance for a tire retreading business as the cost is defined by the number of employees you have, the size of your business, and many other factors. If you want to find out the cost of your insurance fast, apply online and we'll send you your free insurance quote.

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