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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Theater Companies and Dinner Theaters need insurance?

This industry consists of companies that organize and perform live theatrical shows, stage shows and presentations. Examples include carnivals, circuses, magic shows, comedy troupes and musical theater companies.

Theater companies and dinner theaters provide various forms of entertainment to the community. As the director or owner of a theater company or dinner theater, your time is valuable. From organizing schedules to recruiting volunteers and managing employees, to making sure each show goes on without a hitch, there is little time to think about insurance. Insurance for theater companies and dinner theaters protects you from scenarios that can damage everything you’ve built.

What common risks may Theater Companies and Dinner Theaters face?

  • Abuse & Molestation Charges: Theater companies involving children are at risk for abuse and molestation allegations. Without insurance, you can spend a small fortune defending, settling claims and fixing your reputation.
  • Equipment Damage or Loss: You likely own lighting and sound equipment as well as props. If these are damaged or destroyed in a fire or on the road, replacing them is expensive. If they are stolen in a break-in, insurance helps to replace it and pay other expenses.
  • Discrimination Claims: Whether managed by a Board of Directors and others by owners, employees, volunteers or performers may claim discrimination and can press charges.
  • Event Cancellation: Even though you do everything possible to ensure your schedule; occasionally you may need to cancel. What happens to the ticket holders? They already purchased their tickets and will expect reimbursement.
  • Injury to Patrons: Performances can’t happen without patrons. It is possible for these individuals to fall due to poor theater lighting, uneven carpet or overcrowding.

Other common risks include employee injury, food poisoning or allergies, and even employment practice–related claims. Insurance is the best way to stay in business when an incident does occur.

How much is insurance for Theater Companies and Dinner Theaters?

Every carrier looks at theater companies and dinner theaters differently. Common considerations that impact cost include the length of time in business, entity type, age of participants and if you serve liquor. The best way to estimate your insurance costs is to request a free quote below.

Which Type of Insurance Do Theatre Companies Need?

Insurance is a concept that theatre companies understand they need, but maybe not which types of policies since there are so many to choose from. In the industry of teaching and education, there is a unique set of risks that must be addressed by the proper insurance protection.

The first and most common insurance needed by dance companies is a BOP or Businessowners policy. This type will package together General Liability and Property coverage. Whether you own or rent the building in which your theatre company resides, you can protect it and the personal property owned by the business here. The General Liability will provide protection for the business in the event that a third party becomes injured on the premises, such as a slip and fall. These claims often happen in the winter, or after the floor is freshly mopped.

Another critical insurance policy that is necessary for all educators is Professional Liability. Professional Liability insurance will protect your business from allegations of negligence. If a dancer that you are instructing makes a wrong move based on the teacher’s direction and is injured, the family could claim that the teacher was negligent. Even if it is an honest mistake or not a mistake at all, you will have to pay to fight it in court. Defense costs can add up to tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The policy will cover court fees and costs to hire an attorney should you need one.

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