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Insurance for Temporary Help Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Temporary Help Services need insurance?

These establishments supply workers for a short period. Examples of services provided in this industry include help supply services, model supply services, labor contractors, temporary employment or temporary staffing services, and manpower pools.

Even if you don't think that your business has enough assets to be sued, your temporary help services need insurance as it protects your business from the many risks that it can face. It pays for the costs of covered risks, for example, a lawsuit, so that you don't have to.

What risks do your Temporary Help Services face?

There are many risks that your temporary help services could face. Below are some examples:

A customer claims that the help they were provided did not make them better, but in fact, has made their life worse. They blame your professional advice for causing this worsening of their situation and sue your business as a result.

While visiting a customer, your employee gets involved in a vehicular accident in which it is later proven that they are at fault. You'll risk paying not just for the repairs of your vehicle and medical expenses of your employee, but those of the other party as well.

How much does insurance for Temporary Help Services cost?

There is no fixed cost for the insurance of temporary help services as this primarily depends on the size of your business, the coverage required, and the number of employees you have. There are other criteria that define the cost, but to find out the cost of your insurance fast, simply apply online and receive a free quote in minutes.

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