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Insurance for Television Broadcasting Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Television Broadcasting Services need insurance?

Businesses that fall under this industry meld images and sound together. Workers operate television broadcasting studios and transmit programs to the public. Workers also produce programs for affiliated television stations, which broadcast the programs to the public on a specific schedule.

Your television broadcasting services need insurance as this helps cover the costly expenses that arise from business and liability risks. A lawsuit, for example, could be devastating to your business and even to your personal assets. Your insurance will cover the costs of these risks and all that's required is a small monthly payment.

What risks do your Television Broadcasting Services face?

There are many risks that your television broadcasting services could face. Below are some examples:

Your television broadcaster makes a comment about a famous person who claims that this comment has resulted in defamation of their character. This TV personality files a libel suit against your business.

Your television antenna gets damaged in a storm, and your television services are put on halt until the television antenna has been fixed.

How much does insurance for Television Broadcasting Services cost?

There is no fixed cost of insurance for television broadcasting services as the insurance depends on various factors unique to each business. To find out the cost of your insurance policy, apply online and we'll send your free insurance quote for television broadcasting services in minutes.

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