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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Telephone Answering Services need insurance?

Services offered by these establishments include telephone answering, message answering, voice mail, and wake-up call services.

Your business needs insurance because it helps protect you from immense expenses when faced with disasters and risks that could otherwise force your business to close. When you have insurance the expenses of a lawsuit are covered by your policy - and we all know how expensive the defense and court fees are, particularly if the ruling is against your favor.

What risks do your Telephone Answering Services face?

There are many risks that your telephone answering services could face. Below are some examples:

In the heat of a debate, while answering a phone call your employee says things that the customer defines as a defamation of character. This causes your customer to sue your employees for libel.

A client visits your office to drop off some documents. While walking into the lobby, they slip on the rug and struggles to stand up and walk. X-rays reveal that they have a broken ankle, and they sue your business for the medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages amounting to $100,000.

How much does insurance for Telephone Answering Services cost?

There is no fixed cost of insurance for telephone answering services as the cost mostly depends on the number of employees you have, the size of your business, and the coverage required. To find out the cost of your insurance fast, simply apply online and get a free quote in minutes.

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