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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Telemarketing Businesses need insurance?

Individuals working in these establishments either initiate or answer calls via telephone, email, facsimile, or other modes of communication. The purposes of the communication are to sell or promote goods, solicit, take orders for customers, and provide information, such as directions.

Your telemarketing business needs insurance as this protects your business from the risks your business activities include, and incidents that can cause harm to your customers. Your insurance covers these expenses so you don't have to. All you have to do is commit to a monthly payment to get your business protected.

What risks does your Telemarketing business face?

There are many unique risks telemarketing businesses can face. Below are some examples:

  • Vandals climb onto the roof of your office building and damage your heating and air-conditioning unit. While the local police apprehended the people responsible, the damage has been done.
  • A power surge causes your phone lines to be inoperable. This interruption causes your business to lose two days' worth of income.
  • One of your telemarketers suffers from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) due to poor office ergonomics.

How much does insurance for Telemarketing businesses cost?

The cost of insurance for a telemarketing business varies as the cost heavily depends on the size of your telemarketing business, the coverage your business needs, and the number of employees you have. To find out the cost of your insurance fast, simply apply online and we'll send in your free quote in as little as five minutes.

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