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Insurance for Teachers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do teachers need insurance?

As a teacher, you develop programs and guide individuals through life experiences they need assistance with. Whether you offer counseling, instruction for public speaking, or educational testing preparation, you need teacher insurance. Insurance for teachers is designed to protect you when mistakes or oversights negatively impact your students.

People that work within this industry provide services such as public speaking training, survival training, guidance counseling, educational testing evaluation and educational consulting.

What risks could teachers face?

Educators face many risks. Here is a look at the most common:

  • Bad Advice: Students rely on you for sound advice that makes their lives better. Occasionally it’s possible that your well-intended advice can cost them. For example, if you offer educational consulting and recommend certain classes to get into college, but the college declines their application because the classes were too advanced and damaged their GPA, you can be sued.
  • Accusations of Molestation: Working one-on-one with students of any age allows for accusations of molestation or abuse. Even when the accusations are false, a defense lawyer and public relations firm are necessary. And both services are expensive.
  • Privacy Violations: You know you’re not supposed to discuss your student’s situation with others. Many teachers are tempted to discuss students with their spouses or close friends. If somebody over hears your conversation and reports it, a lawsuit, fines and loss of your teaching certificate may follow.
  • Computer Hack: It’s common for teachers to store student information and files on a computer. If a hacker breaks into your network and compromises their information, you are responsible for an investigation, notifications and any financial damages that occur.

How much does insurance for teachers cost?

The cost of insurance for teachers varies because every insurance company evaluates teachers’ risk differently. Most want to know what you teach, if you use contracts, and what your past claims history is before calculating a premium. You can request an insurance quote today by completing our online quote form.

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