Insurance for Sports Teams and Clubs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is insurance for a sports team or club?

There are various factors that could affect the cost of the insurance for a sports team or club. The insurance company will ask for what sports your team has and other factors. The cost will also affect the type of insurance you have to purchase for your team.

What is Participant Liability?

Sports Participant Liability insurance is a type of insurance that protects not the team, but the spectators, coaches and officials. The insurance policy covers claims for bodily injury or property damage arising from the risks involved in sports events and/or tournaments.

How can I insure my equipment I'm using for my sports team?

You'll need a Sports Equipment insurance. This insurance provides coverage for the lost, damaged, or destroyed equipment.

Do I need General Liability or Workers Compensation for a sports club?

General Liability will cover third party injuries but not those experienced by the players. It is hard to insure against those injuries with a commercial insurance policy and the typical recommendation is for everyone involved to carry thier own health insurance. Workers Compensation is needed if there are employees managing fields, doing administrative tasks, or otherwise working for the organization.

Why sports teams and clubs need insurance?

Sports teams and clubs need insurance because insurance is a common risk management tool to minimize the sports team or the club's liability. The insurance ensures that every member of the team is protected when a sports team or club is involved in claim.

What risks could sports teams and clubs face?

The list is exhaustive but some of the most common risks sports team face are accidents that could happen during practice or at a sports tournament. A liability in case your team or a team member gets sued includes providing equipment that isn't safe for its intended use.

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