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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Sporting Goods stores need insurance?

Companies that fall under this industry retail new sporting goods and sewing supplies. Examples of products these businesses sell include athletic uniforms, fishing supplies, sewing supplies, fabrics, bicycles, saddlery, and diving equipment.

Sporting goods stores need insurance as it protects your business from the risks that your business will encounter. These risks can lead your business into financial ruin if you don't have insurance.

What risks do Sporting Goods stores face?

Below are the risks sporting goods stores can face:

The bat, that your customers bought from your business, breaks in just one swing. This causes someone to suffer injuries and the parents complain to your sporting goods store.

Your employee gets sick from working too much. As their employer, your business is responsible for the medical payments of your employee.

How much does insurance for Sporting Goods cost?

There is no fixed cost of insurance for sporting goods as there are several factors to consider when assessing the cost of insurance for your business. If you want to find out the cost of insurance for your sporting goods, simply apply online and we'll send you your quote in just a couple of minutes.

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