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Insurance for Traveler Accommodations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Traveler Accomodations need insurance?

Establishments in this industry provide alternative lodging for travelers, vacationers, and students. Housing consists of off-campus dormitories, sorority and fraternity houses, RV parks and campgrounds, hunting and fishing camps, tourist homes and guesthouses.

Traveler accommodations need insurance to protect them from the many known and unknown risks. The insurance will cover the cost of the risks such as when your business is sued. The insurance will pay for the costly defense and court costs, and all it requires from you is a monthly fee.

What risks do Traveler Accommodations face?

Traveler Accommodations have plenty of unique risks. Below are some examples:

  • One of your patrons drinks too much and causes a ruckus. As a result, a lot of property damage and some of your patrons and staff get injured.
  • The vehicle you use to welcome travelers has been involved in an accident. It is concluded that your driver is at fault, therefore you face paying for the damages that your driver has caused.
  • Your patron sues one of your employers because they got into a fight in which your employee said things to your patron that resulted in a libel lawsuit.

How much does insurance for Traveler Accommodations cost?

The cost of insurance for traveler accommodations varies because your business has its own unique needs. The size of your business, the coverage your business needs, and the number of employees are taken into consideration when calculating your calculation as well. Without taking these factors into account, below is the average cost of insurance for your business:

  • General Liability insurance costs $500 in annual premiums.
  • Commercial Property insurance costs $600 in annual premiums.

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