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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need individual Professional Liability policy as a healthcare provider? Won't my employer's policy cover me?

Yes, your employer already has an insurance policy in place, but this may not be enough. Moreover, when you became liable and are sued the employer's insurance will not work in your best interest. Also, there may be gaps in your employer's insurance policy that don´t cover all the risks. For instance, when you receive a lawsuit outside the scope of your job description, your employer can choose not to defend you.

What risks are faced by a healthcare provider?

Depending on the type of healthcare you provide, you can face various malpractice risks. Lawsuits for ineffective treatment, misdiagnosis or wrongful death which can be devastating to your finances. Your patients, the deliverymen or a visitor entering your premises can sue you for slip and fall injuries. Your staff can be injured or ill from repetitive strain injury, catching patient's illness or many other instances.

What happens if a malpractice suit is filed against a healthcare provider?

A medical malpractice suit can be devastating to a healthcare provider. Some medical practitioners chose to move to a different field to deal with the experience and some choose to retire as a malpractice suit could ruin their career. Stress, anxiety, fear and guilt are faced by a healthcare provider during and after the lawsuit along with the costs of defending such a lawsuit can drain their financial resources.

What are health practitioners all about?

Health practitioners are dentists, clinical psychologist, podiatrist, chiropractor, nurse practitioner, midwife or any clinical social worker who is authorized by the state to perform within the scope of their practice as defined by the state law.

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