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Insurance for Other Ground Transportation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Ground Transportation businesses need insurance?

Establishments in this industry provide a broad range of transportation services to various types of customers. This can include special needs transportation for handicapped passengers, sightseeing services such as air balloon rides or scenic railways, urban transportation such as light rail and tramways, taxi and limousine services, bus and commuter rails, or vanpools and carpools.

Your business needs insurance because it helps cover the costs of liability, property damage, medical expenses, and other related expenses. Without insurance, you'll have to pay for the costly expenses of these risks out of pocket.

What risks do Ground Transportation businesses face?

Below is an example of risks that ground transportation businesses can face:

Your vehicle gets involved in an accident in which it is proven that your business is at fault during the accident. You'll not only have to pay for the repair or replacement of the damaged property and the medical expenses of the driver and the passengers (if any) but also for the lawsuits that your business will face should the other party decides to file charges against your business.

How much does insurance for Ground Transportation cost?

There is no fixed cost for the insurance of ground transportation as it is assessed depending on the specifics of your business such as the size of the business, the number of employees,s and the coverage required. If you want to know the cost of your insurance policy, simply apply online to get a free quote or talk directly to our insurance experts.

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