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Insurance for Food Stores

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Food Stores need insurance?

Businesses that fall under this industry, retail goods such as packaged coffee and tea, spices, bottled water, candies, nuts, popcorn, herbal supplements, and vitamins.

Food stores need insurance because it helps with many unforeseen risks without fear of bankruptcy. This is because the insurance will cover the cost of the risks, saving your business from paying these as out-of-pocket expenses.

What risks do Food Stores face?

Below are some common risks food stores can face:

  • The food that you sold has caused someone to suffer food poisoning.
  • Your employee abandoned your food store and took all the money with him.
  • Your employee got sick on the job. As the employer, you are responsible for the employee's medical expenses.

How much does Food Store insurance cost?

The cost of insurance for food stores depends on the size of your business, the number of employees you have and the coverage needed. If you want to know the cost of insurance for your business fast, simply answer a few questions in our online application, and we'll send you a quote in as fast as five minutes.

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