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Insurance for Direct Selling Establishments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Direct Selling Establishments need insurance?

This industry consists of businesses, which sell directly to the consumer. Examples include bottled water providers, home delivery newspaper routes, coffee-break service providers, locker meat provisioners, frozen food and freezer meal plan providers, and party planning, merchandisers.

Direct selling establishments need insurance to protect their business from the many possible risks that they can encounter. Insurance makes sure that when a covered risk occurs, your business and even personal assets are protected.

What risks do Direct Selling Establishments face?

Below are some common risks direct selling establishments may face:

  • A product you sold caused your customer to become sick, and the client sues your business.
  • One of your employees becomes sick on the job. As the employer, you're responsible for the medical expenses, rehabilitation and lost wages until the employee can work again.
  • One of your employees was caught in fraudulent computer activity. You were able to catch the employee, but you will also be responsible for recovering the money that has been lost and any customer data that was leaked to the public.

How much does insurance for Direct Selling Establishments cost?

The cost of direct selling establishments depends mostly on the type of services you offer, coverage required and the number of employees you have. If you want to find out the cost of your insurance quickly, simply apply online to get a free quote or call our insurance experts.

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