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Insurance for Offices of Holding Companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Offices of Holding Companies need insurance?

This industry is made up of holding companies (except for bank holding) who hold the securities or other equity interests in companies and enterprises so that they may control interest or influence management decisions.

Your business needs insurance to cover large, immediate expenses that even the most prominent businesses won't be able to cover out of pocket. The insurance typically mitigates the risk of any unforeseen incidents. Without insurance, you'll risk paying for these out of your business assets.

What risks do Offices of Holding Companies face?

Your business faces plenty of unique risks. Below are some examples:

  • Your employee is caught in fraudulent acts on behalf of your business. Your client suffers huge losses for which they file a lawsuit against you.
  • Your office catches fire. This destructs most of the contents of the office. Your computers, furniture, safe and important documents are destroyed.
  • Your employee suffers a repetitive strain injury removing him from work for a few weeks. Since work is the cause of the injury, you'll be responsible for the medical and rehabilitation payments as well as the employee's lost wages.

How much does insurance for Offices of Holding Companies cost?

The cost of insurance for the offices of holding companies will heavily rely on the amount of coverage required, the size of your business and the number of employees you have. To determine the cost of your insurance policy, you can apply online to get a free quote in less than five minutes or talk to our insurance experts directly.

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