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Insurance for Office Administrative Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Office Administrative Services need insurance?

Companies that fall under this industry provide day-to-day office administrative services, such as financial planning, billing, and personnel.

Even if your office administrative services are a successful business, disaster could strike at any moment, forcing your business to close. Your business needs insurance to mitigate all risks because without insurance you'll have to pay the costs of defending liability claims, medical expenses, damage repairs, and other expenses out of your business pocket.

What risks do Office Administrative services face?

Office administrative services face a unique set of risks, below are some examples:

  • An employee bills a client higher than contracted by mistake. This error caused your client financial harm and they sue your business due to the error.
  • A client visits your administrative office and slips and falls, becoming injured.
  • Your employee suffers a repetitive strain injury because their workplace is not ergonomic. The injury causes the employee to stop working until the injury is fixed.

How much does insurance for Office Administrative services cost?

The cost of insurance for office administrative services depends on the coverage you need and how much you are willing to spend. Each business is unique. The services you offer, the size of your business and the risks your employees face all contribute to the cost of your insurance.

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