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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Museums need insurance?

Museums need insurance to protect against the many risks it can face. These include liability lawsuits, property damage claims, medical expenses, and other risks. When you don't have insurance, it can be a devastating out-of-pocket expense. With insurance, these covered risks are paid for up to the policy limits. All you have to do is pay a small monthly fee to get insured.

What risks do Museums face?

Museums face a lot of unique risks. Some examples include:

  • A customer slips and falls, suffering injuries. You'll be responsible for the customer's medical fees, your defense fees, and court costs if the customer sues your business.
  • Your museum catches fire in which some of your priced artifacts are destroyed.
  • Because of a fire, your museum closes temporarily, losing profits that you would have earned on that day.

How much does Museum Insurance?

There is no fixed cost for museum policies because insurance carriers determine the cost from the size of your museum, the number of museum employees you have and the coverage required. If you want to find out the cost of your insurance policies, simply apply online and get a free quote within five minutes. You can also talk directly to our insurance experts over the phone.

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