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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Mobile Home Dealers need insurance?

These establishments are involved in retailing new and used mobile homes, including parts and equipment.

As a mobile home dealer, you face the responsibility of providing quality pre-fabricated homes expected to stand the test of time. When something goes wrong and it is proven that the mobile home you sold is the culprit, you'll face a liability lawsuit that could potentially drain your business finances. With insurance, the defense costs are covered up to the limits of the policy. And all it requires is for you to pay a small monthly fee.

What risks do Mobile Home Dealers face?

As a dealer of mobile homes, your business faces a lot of unique risks. Below are some examples:

  • A disaster like a fire or a flood can force your business to close temporarily while the repairs are taking place.
  • Your employee suffers injuries while performing his or her duties. You are not only responsible for your employees' medical expenses but also for your business's defense fees if your employee decides to sue you for negligence.
  • The mobile home you supplied to one of your clients turned out to be faulty in which your client suffered some injuries.

How much does insurance for Mobile Home Dealers cost?

There is no fixed cost of insurance for mobile home dealers because there are various criteria insurance carriers look for to identify the cost of your insurance policy. To find out the cost of your insurance policy, you can get a fast free quote online in just a few minutes, or talk directly to our insurance experts.

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