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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Media Representatives need insurance?

The establishments categorized under this industry sell media space or time for media owners. Examples include newspaper advertising, radio advertising, publishers advertising, and television advertising representatives.

Media representatives need insurance to protect the business from many known and unknown risks. Bad things can happen even to the best businesses. That is why you need insurance. When faced with a costly and time-consuming lawsuit, for example, you could end up spending a lot of money on attorney fees and court payments. But with insurance, these payments are covered as long as they are within the coverage of the insurance policy.

What risks do Media Representatives face?

Media representatives face a unique set of risks, below are some of those:

  • You reported news that was later proven to be fake. This caused a massive hysteria that cost money, personal belongings and injuries due to those involved in the story. When this happens, your business will be held liable for providing the news.
  • A client trips on a loose wire that you are about to fix. This causes the client an injury. Aside from medical expenses, you'll risk paying for defense and court costs should the client file a slip and fall claim.
  • One of your employees got injured while setting up the lighting of your newsroom. As their employer, you are responsible to treat them until they are fit to work again.

How much does insurance for Media Representatives cost?

The cost of insurance for media representatives usually relies on the size of your business, the coverage needed, the number of employees you have and other factors. To find out the cost of insurance for your business, apply online to receive a free quote in as fast as five minutes or talk to our insurance experts.

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