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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Media Buying Agencies need insurance?

These establishments buy advertising space or time, which they sell to advertising agencies. Media Liability would be ideal for this type of businesses, as they will be covered against errors made while providing service to their clients.

As a business selling advertising space, you face many unique risks that could cost business if you face a lawsuit. A lawsuit could dig into your business assets and profits that could otherwise be used to better improve your business. Your insurance will make sure that your assets and profits are protected by paying for the fees associated with the covered risks and all it takes is just a small monthly fee.

What risks do Media Buying Agencies face?

Media buying agencies have unique sets of risks, below are some of those:

  • You purchased the wrong airtime where the ad didn't run at an optimal time.
  • Your promised Return On Investment did not go in your favor.
  • Your project didn't go as planned. If your client claims that you were not able to perform the work you promised, your client can sue your business.
  • Your computer was hacked and all your clients' information is exposed to the public. The cost of such a data breach could be devastating to your business.

How much does insurance for Media Buying Agencies cost?

There is no fixed cost for the insurance of media buying agencies as insurance companies will have several categories to define the cost of your insurance policies. If you want to find out the cost of your insurance policy quick, simply apply online to get a free quote or contact our insurance experts.

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