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Archive & Library Insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Libraries and Archives need insurance?

These businesses are involved in the maintenance and facilitation of collected documents. They also acquire, preserve, and store the documents, so that the public can access them.

Insurance is one of the last things library owner think about until a lawsuit or disaster actually happens. However, imagine you have to pay for the damage from a slip-and-fall claim. Insurance will cover your business assets by paying for the attorney fees, court fees, medical fees, and other expenses covered by your library insurance plans.

What risks do Libraries and Archives face?

As libraries and archives, your business faces a unique set of risks, below are some of those:

  • Your libraries and archives could catch fire, destroying most of your books and archived documents.
  • Your librarian could become sick or injured on the job.
  • A client entering your store trips on a set of loose cables that causes him/her to suffer injuries.

How much does the Archive & Library Insurance cost?

The insurance for libraries and archives depends on the size of the libraries and archives, the number of employees and the coverage required. To find out the cost of insurance for your libraries and archives, apply online to get a free quote or talk to our insurance experts on the phone.

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