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Insurance for Landscaping & Lawn Mowing

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What Insurance Do Landscaping & Lawn Mowing Need?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Auto Insurance if I use my personal truck for Landscaping work?

Possibly. But you must inform the insurance provider of how you use the vehicle. Some personal auto insurance covers your vehicle for limited commercial use, and some personal policies won't cover your vehicle for commercial purposes at all. Remember that when you keep your personal auto policy and continue to use it for work, your rates may go up.

You can purchase Commercial Auto insurance to fill gaps in your personal auto policy. This insurance covers the vehicles you use for work and the company vehicles. If the vehicle is registered under the business's name, then you must carry Commercial Auto insurance.

Do my business insurance covers my subcontractors?

Subcontractors are businesses that are independent from your business. This means that they are not your employees, and they are not covered by your insurance. Some insurance policies will cover work done by subcontractors, but this is more often not possible.

How much does insurance for Landscaper cost?

A question that is on every business owner’s mind is how much is my insurance going to be. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this common question because of the vast differences in each business. When it comes to insurance, the price can vary depending on years of experience, location, loss history, and other factors. On average, the average yearly cost is $350 - $800 for General Liability. As you can see, even a range is very broad. The best way to determine what your insurance costs will be is to check with an advisor who can point you in the right direction.

There are additional factors that will influence the price of your insurance that you should be aware of. Some of these factors include coverage limits, the number of employees, your gross annual sales or receipts, your experience in the industry, and deductible choices. Not all General Liability insurance policies have deductibles, but some do when it comes to property damage coverage. This is an option that can help to lower your insurance costs.

Should I carry Workers Compensation as a Landscaper?

Landscapers are at risk of many accidents that could happen at work. Some business owners choose not take carry workers compensation for just themselves, but as soon as there is an employee on the staff, most states require it. This insurance covers employees should they become injured or ill at work.

Why do Landscaping and Lawn Mowing Services need insurance?

These establishments provide services like landscape installation, lawn care, spraying, maintenance, fertilizing services, mowing, the pruning of trees and shrubs, and other activities related to the care and maintenance of plants and garden.

Many individuals get the help of landscaping service companies to achieve a beautiful outside view of their home or business. Professional landscaping services assist with lawn care and arborist techniques that make an area welcoming to others. Since you understand the value of caring for your property, buying small business insurance should be at the top of your priorities.

What risks could Landscaping Services face?

The right lawn care insurance or arborist insurance protects you from the risks you face most, including:

  • Stolen Materials: Equipment and tools are necessary to create an outdoor masterpiece. If equipment or tools are stolen from your location or vehicle, it can be costly to replace them with the same quality pieces.
  • Broken Equipment: You rely on mowers, trimmers, and saws to complete your work efficiently. If one of your most used pieces breaks, it can be costly to fix or replace. It can be even more costly if you can’t provide services in the time frame you promised because of the breakdown.
  • Property Damage: If you or an employee remove the wrong tree or drive a mower into a fence, the customer can file a lawsuit for damages.
  • Vehicle Accidents: Whether you have a business vehicle or use a personal vehicle for business services, you are at risk for financial loss.

Do you need Inland Marine insurance for Landscaping services?

While you already know, as a business owner, that you need to have General Liability insurance and possibly even Commercial Property insurance to cover your building and business personal property, you might not be sure about Inland Marine Insurance. The term sounds like it is talking about water, right? That is not the case. Inland Marine insurance is going to cover your owned and rented or leased equipment. Do you do any tree pruning? How about spraying, dusting, tree trimming, or fumigating as a part of your landscaping operations? Chances are that you do and that you need special equipment to do so.

Because the equipment is mobile and travels off of your premises, it has to be insured on an Inland Marine insurance policy, which is designed for mobile equipment. Even if you don’t own any equipment and strictly rent or lease it from another business or person, they usually require you to provide the insurance while it is in your care, custody, and control. Inland Marine insurance will provide coverage for physical damage, theft, fire, and other perils depending on the policy. Be sure to read the policy to make sure the perils you are concerned about are covered, and if the equipment will be valued using replacement cost or actual cash value.

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