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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Land Subdivisions need insurance?

Establishments in this industry are responsible for the service and subdivision of property into lots. Services vary from project to project and may include excavation work in preparation for the installation of roads and utility lines and building activities of residential, commercial tracts, and industrial parks. Firms that focus solely on the legal subdivision of land are not a part of this industry.

Your land subdivision needs insurance as it can protect your business and personal assets from the many known and unknown risks. It does that by covering the costs when you are involved in a liability lawsuit. Without insurance, you’ll be paying for the expenses out of your pocket. Most businesses end up bankrupt after a lawsuit, so to prevent that from happening you need insurance.

What risks do Land Subdivisions face?

Your business has its unique set of risks, below are some of those:

  • You provided land to your client that proved to be smaller than what was advertised.
  • Due to a burst pipe, your office floods, destroying your computers, important documents, and equipment.
  • Your employee is injured on the job. This makes you responsible for the medical expenses, lost wages, and potential negligence lawsuit costs.

How much does insurance for Land Subdivisions cost?

The cost of insurance for a land subdivision business depends on the size of your business, the number of employees you have and the coverage required. To find out the cost of your insurance policy, apply for a free quote online or give our insurance experts a call.

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