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Human Resources (HR) Consultant Insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do HR Consultants need insurance?

These establishments offer assistance to businesses and focus on benefits, compensation, employee assessment, personnel management, and human resources.

HR consultants generally provide advisory or consulting services to staff and management of other companies. A mistake in the advice your business provides could result in a liability lawsuit. If your business does not have insurance, you'll be paying for an attorney and court fees from your business and possibly personal assets. Your insurance will make sure that it won't happen by paying for all the covered risks until it has reached its limits.

What risks do HR Consultants face?

Below are some common risks human resources consulting services can face:

  • The advice you provided to your clients proved to be an error that caused them financial harm.
  • The employee you hired didn't undergo a stringent screening process; thus, upon hiring the employee is proven to be ineffective.
  • Your business fails to keep accurate payroll records that caused your client huge financial drawbacks.
  • Although highly qualified, the employee you just hired for your client is selling private information to other firms.

How much does HR Consultant Insurance cost?

The cost of insurance for human resources consulting services varies based on the size of your business, the number of employees you have and the coverage required. To learn more about the cost of your insurance policy, apply for a free quote online or call to talk to our insurance experts.

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