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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Historical Sites need insurance?

In this industry, businesses are involved in the preservation of buildings, sites, or communities that are of practical interest. They also exhibit these sites. Examples of historical sites include archeological sites, battlefields, heritage villages, historical forts, historical ships, and pioneer villages.

If you have a Historical Site, then you will need to get your site insured. Insurance will protect your business and personal assets in case something goes wrong with the historical site. The insurance will cover the damages done to the Historical Site whether via vandalism or natural disaster. It also protects you from a costly lawsuit from a liability risk when someone trips on your property and it causes personal injury.

What risks do Historical Sites face?

A heritage site can mean a lot to the culture, the family, the country and the world. Preserving the heritage site can be a challenge as it can be difficult, if not, costly to have it restored. Below are the common risks Historical Sites face:

  • Property damage could be in a form of vandalism, theft, fire, flood or damage caused by a natural disaster.
  • A customer visiting the Historical Site trips and falls, causing them personal injury. Aside from the medical expenses, you’ll be paying for court and legal fees when the customer sues you for the damages.
  • An employee gets sick due to job-related causes. You’ll not only be responsible for the medical expenses but for the attorney and court fees if your employee sues your business for negligence.

How much does insurance for Historical Sites cost?

The cost of the insurance for Historical Sites usually depends on the number of employees, the coverage needed and the size of the historical site. To find out the cost of your insurance for your Historical Site, simply apply online and receive a quote for free or talk to our customer service representatives.

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