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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Golf Clubs and Country Clubs need insurance?

Establishments in this industry operate ski-related facilities, golf courses, and country clubs. These establishments also provide instruction for golf, skiing, and snowboarding. They may also sell food, beverages, and rent equipment.

In order to keep up with the competition, golf and country clubs look for ways to entice customers to subscribe to their clubs. These amenities could be in form of gym memberships, swimming pool use, spas, etc. These pose more risks than just the golf club alone. This means that you need to have adequate insurance to cover most of these risks. Without insurance, you’ll risk losing your business and personal assets from just a slip and fall claim alone.

What risks do Golf Courses and Country Clubs face?

Here are some of the risks your golf courses and country clubs can face:

  • The trees and greens of the course are susceptible to damage from a storm or vandalization.
  • When your golf clubs floods, there’s a chance that people won't play on your golf course, therefore losing possible profits.
  • In the employment process, your golf course and the country club can be vulnerable to lawsuits even during the hiring process. A simple joke, for example, that has been treated by the prospective employee as a discrimination could instantly result in a lawsuit.
  • Data breach is possible where you save your members' personal information on the computer for faster data processing. Even if it isn’t connected to the internet, some hacker or an internal issue can risk getting your customer’s personal data exposed.

How much does Country Club and Golf Club Insurance cost?

The cost of insurance for golf clubs depends on several criteria. Most insurance carriers will determine the size of your business, the number of employees and your coverage requirements to determine the cost of your insurance policy. If you want to know an accurate cost of your insurance, apply online to get a free quote or simply contact our customer service representatives.

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