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Insurance for Forestry Professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Forestry Professionals need insurance?

This industry includes professionals and establishments engaged in hunting, trapping, forest firefighting, reforestation and the gathering of various items found in nature, such as balsam, ginseng, and truffles.

As forestry professionals, you are responsible for reforestation, hunting, trapping, forest, and other costs. The mistakes done by your service would be a huge liability risk should your client sue you. The many risks forestry professionals can face could potentially put a dent not just in your business finances, but your personal assets as well. Having insurance protects your business from these risks by paying the costs of the covered risks until it has reached its limits. The limits are usually high which means you won’t have any out-of-pocket expenses when a covered risk occurs.

What risks do Forestry Professionals face?

Forestry professionals face plenty of risks. Below are some of those:

  • The service you provide has caused your client a huge financial loss due to the mistakes you have made.
  • Your employees could become sick or injured on the job.
  • Your office floods because of a burst pipe. The computer, desk, and any other appliances or furniture inside the office are destroyed.
  • While driving to your client’s place, you got involved in an accident that ruled your business to be at fault.

How much does insurance for Forestry Professionals cost?

The cost of insurance for forestry professionals varies by the services you offer, the number of employees you have, the coverage required and many other criteria. Without taking these into account, below is the average cost of insurance policies that most businesses buy:

  • General Liability insurance cost $500 in annual premiums.
  • Commercial Auto insurance costs $600 in annual premiums.
  • Commercial Property insurance costs $700 in annual premiums.

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