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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Fine Arts Schools need insurance?

Professionals in this industry provide art lessons (except commercial and graphics), music (e.g., piano, guitar), and dance.

Running a fine arts school comes with many risks. The number of students your school has adds to the number of risks that you might encounter. To protect your business and personal assets from the risks that your business may encounter, you’ll need insurance. Your insurance will cover your business from risks you may face, and make sure that if something happens you won’t have to pay for it.

What risks do Fine Arts Schools face?

Running a fine arts school comes with many risks, here are some of those:

  • Your school could catch fire, flood or be destroyed by a natural disaster like an earthquake.
  • There is a mistake in your school’s curriculum that caused your students' financial harm.
  • A student slips at the corridor, which caused him to break his arm.

These are some of the many risks that your fine arts schools can face.

How much does insurance cost for Fine Arts Schools?

The cost of your insurance varies on several criteria. Most insurance carriers will ask for the number of employees you have, the properties you own or rent and the coverage you need. There is no fixed cost of insurance for fine arts schools. If you want to know the cost of your insurance simply apply online for a free quote.

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