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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Farmers need insurance?

This industry covers many different forms of farming. Establishments are committed to a wide range of farming operations, including raising livestock and breeding animals, selling timber, cultivating the soil for planting, growing and cultivating plant-based foods and the growing and production of natural fibers, such as cotton.

There’s nothing more peaceful than having land to till the soil on then reap the rewards of your hard work later. However, these rewards could instantly turn to dust from a liability claim or when your farm is destroyed by a storm or any natural disasters. This is why you need insurance. It covers the cost of replacing destroyed crops, for example, so you won’t have to rebuild again using your own profits. Therefore, you’ll get back on your feet immediately after a disaster.

What risks do Farmers face?

The risks of having a farm are normal, but how you manage these risks will determine how stabilized your income will be. Here are some of the risks farmers can face:

  • The vehicle you used to transport goods was in an accident and most of your crops were destroyed, leaving them un-sellable. You’ll have to pay the cost of profits lost to get back on your feet again.
  • The farmhouse where you store your crops catches fire, destroying everything.
  • The crops sold to your clients were of lower quality than advertised, causing them a huge financial loss. Your client then sues you for liability damages.

How much does insurance cost for Farmers?

The cost of insurance varies on the type of business you offer, the number of employees you have, and the coverage you need. You’ll need more than just General Liability insurance to protect your business. To find out the cost and what coverage you need, apply online for a free quote or simply contact our customer service representatives.

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