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Insurance for Family Planning Centers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Family Planning Centers need insurance?

Companies in this industry offer services such as genetic and prenatal counseling, voluntary sterilization, and termination of unwanted pregnancies. Examples of these businesses include birth control clinics, fertility clinics, childbirth preparation classes, and pregnancy counseling centers.

Opening family planning centers come with inherent risks, and one of the ways to mitigate these risks is to have insurance. Insurance will protect both your personal and business assets from the cost of defending a lawsuit, medical expenses, property damage expenses, and other related risks. It does this by having insurance pay these expenses up to its limits. Therefore, no out of pockets expenses that could be very devastating for any type of risk your family planning center could face.

What risks do Family Planning Centers face?

Family planning centers are responsible for providing families with advice on their desired size and spacing of a family. Any errors or omissions from the advice offered by your center could be at risk of a lawsuit if the families you offered advice to suffered any form of financial loss. The family could sue you for damages, examples including:

  • A family member entering your premises slips and falls causing personal injury. You’ll pay for medical expenses and also for the lawsuits if your business is sued.
  • Your business property could be destroyed by fire, flood or natural disaster. These occurrences hinder your business’s ability to operate productively and could possibly put your business on halt if the situation is severe.

How much does insurance cost for Family Planning Centers?

The cost of insurance depends on the services that your family planning center offers, the number of employees you have and the coverage needed. To get a quote for your insurance, apply online via our easy online application tool or simply give our customer service representatives a call.

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