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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Facilities Support Services need insurance?

Companies within this industry provide services such as reception, laundry, trash disposal, janitorial, and maintenance in the facilities. Examples of these businesses include support services at government base facilities, operation support, and jail operation.

Your business is responsible for hiring various staff for your clients. Any risks that your business can encounter could be a huge financial loss. Insurance will cover the costs of these risks for just a small monthly fee.

What risks do Facilities Support Services face?

Every business comes with a certain amount of risk. These can be avoided and mitigated with the right insurance. Here are some of the most common risks your business could face:

  • Hurricanes, flood, fires and other events could damage or destroy your business property. This could cripple your business or put it to halt entirely. Even if your business property is not fully destroyed, chances are you won’t be able to run your business during repairs.
  • Your employees have a significant amount of business risk, including driving a vehicle, sitting at the desk or doing labor-intensive tasks. Your business is responsible for medical expenses when a worker gets sick or injured on the job.

How much does insurance cost for Facilities Support Services?

There are several factors that determine that cost of insurance for your facilities and support services. The most influentials are the type of business you have, the number of employees and your coverage needs. To get a quote for your business, simply apply online or contact our customer service representatives.

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