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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do tutors need insurance?

Establishments in this industry serve different populations, by providing tutorial services such as college preparation, remedial courses, and exam preparation. This industry also includes athletic instruction, such as sports camps, gymnastics instruction, martial arts, and swimming.

Whether you are preparing students for the exam of their life or tutoring everyday students alone or through a learning center, you are at a considerable amount of risk. Your insurance will protect your business from many known and unknown risks. It does so by covering for the costs of physical injury, property damage, liability, and other risks.

What risks do Tutors face?

The most common risks exam preparation and tutoring services face include customer dissatisfaction including suing your business for not providing the services promised. Here are some other risks that your business can face:

  • When an educator brings clients to their home or office, it can be subject to claims arising from bodily injury at the location. The most common is a slip-and-fall claim.
  • A private tutor is at risk of allegations of sexual abuse or molestation. True or not, your business will be put in trial and could cost you a lot of money.

These are just some of the many risks your business can face.

How much does Tutor Insurance cost?

The cost of insurance is defined by certain criteria. Insurance companies will usually ask for the type of services you offer, the number of properties you have, the number of employees and many other criteria. Without taking these into account, below you can find average costs of the most common insurance policies bought by exam preparation and tutoring services:

  • General Liability insurance costs around $500 annually.
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP) costs around $900 annually.
  • Commercial Property insurance costs $500 annually.

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