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Insurance for Document Preparation Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Document Preparation Services need insurance?

Establishments in this industry provide different types of document preparation services. This includes court reporting, stenotype services or general document preparation services. Services such as court reporting and closed caption exist within this industry, as well as desktop publishing, letter writing, proofreading, resume writing and other types of documentation services.

You help clients with preparation of legal documents, proofreading, desktop publishing, and other services for their benefit. If your business makes a mistake that causes your client financial harm, your business might be sued for damages. If this happens, your insurance will cover for the expenses up to its coverage limits. Without insurance you’ll be paying these out of your business pocket.

What risks do Document Preparation Services face?

Document preparation services face many liability risks. When there is a mistake in the documents that you create for clients, causing them financial harm, it could result in a lawsuit that ends up destroying your business entirely. Other risks include:

  • Your business property could get destroyed causing the need for an expensive rebuild.
  • Your commercial vehicle could be in an accident. If your driver is at fault, you’ll be paying for the medical fees, the repair of the other party’s vehicle and other fees related to the accident, especially if you lose all documents in transfer.

This is just some of the many risks that your business can face.

How much does insurance cost for Document Preparation Services?

The cost of your insurance depends on the services you offer, the coverage you need and the number of employees you have. But not all insurance carriers use the same criteria to figure out the cost of your insurance policy. If you want to find out the cost of your insurance policy, simply take our online assessment or give us a call and we’ll provide the best quote for your business.

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