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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Disc Jockeys (DJ) need insurance?

The main goal of any disc jockey is to create excitement and energy through music at weddings, parties or dance clubs. Getting guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor is often perceived as an easy task with little risk. If your DJ business is a source of revenue and you book gigs often, DJ insurance is important. Insurance protects you if an incident, claim, or lawsuit occurs and you are held liable for damages.

What risks could disc jockeys could face?

Disc Jockeys face several risks as entertainers:

  • Stolen Equipment: DJs use expensive equipment including computers, speakers, headphones, turn tables, instruments and amps. Protection is crucial. What happens if you pack your vehicle up the night before, lock it, and the next morning you find your windows were broken and your equipment has gone?
  • Injury to Guests: You keep guests entertained and dancing, but if a guest falls over a cord or has a speaker fall on them that requires medical attention, they can sue for medical expenses and lost wages.
  • Property Damage: Moving heavy equipment can be tricky. Sliding equipment across a floor can easily scratch it. The venue will expect you pay for repairs.
  • Auto accidents:_ Your vehicle is how you travel to gigs. Any accident on the road or damage a sign at the venue can be expensive.
  • Loss of Income: If you rely on the income from your DJ business, but events are canceled or equipment can break. You still need money to pay the bills.

Today, most venues require DJs to show proof of insurance, and without it you risk not booking jobs.

How much does Disc Jockey Insurance cost?

The cost of DJ insurance varies depending on what you want to cover and which company you choose. Most companies will want a breakdown of the value of your equipment in addition to your experience, safety procedures and a description of the types of services you offer. To get a quote on disk jockey insurance now, fill out our online quote form.

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