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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Dental Laboratories need insurance?

Dental laboratories can face a lot of risks that could bankrupt the business without insurance. Insurance will cover the costs if the building gets destroyed by fire or natural disaster, when employees become sick or injured on the job, or when a customer files a complaint against the business.

What risks do Dental Labs face?

Running a dental laboratory comes with many risks and without proper insurance, your business can go bankrupt especially when a lawsuit is filed. Here are some of the risks a dental laboratory can face:

  • A customer could sue your dental laboratory for not getting their teeth fixed as promised.
  • Employees could be injured on the job. You’ll risk paying for the medical and rehabilitation fees.
  • The property could be damaged by fire or flood, storm or any natural disasters.

These are some of the many risks your business could face.

How much does Dental lab Insurance cost?

The cost of insurance varies on the type of services you offer, the number of employees you have and the coverage you need. If you want to get an actual quote of your insurance policies, you can use our free online assessment tool or have our customer service representatives assist you.

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