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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Dance Studios need insurance?

Dance studios can attract many patrons wanting to acquire a new skill or get in shape. However, the nature of the work done in dance studios, from practicing choreography to teaching fitness classes, so it can be very risky.

When teaching choreography or rehearsing for a performance, an accident can happen. A dancer may slip and break a leg, a costly medical expense. Dance studio equipment, such as speakers and mirrors, also face the risk of being damaged. Also, if you teach a Zumba class and a participant bumps into and breaks the sound equipment, you will end up having to pay for all damages including injuries, equipment, and your studio. With such risks in mind, insurance for dance studios can be incredibly valuable.

How much does Dance Studio Insurance cost?

Insurance for dance studios can differ in cost depending on the types of coverage you need. In addition, factors such as the type of building used for the studio, the number of employees and the number of participants can influence the price of your selected insurance. It just takes you a few minutes to get a free quote and determine the actual insurance costs.

What risks could Dance Studios face?

Dance studios come with many risks, here are some of those:

  • A customer could slip on the floor because of a water spill. The customer suffers a broken arm that results in medical bills and a liability lawsuit for you.
  • One of your workers suffers an injury and breaks his leg. Your business is responsible for the medical fees.
  • Your property could be damaged or vandalized. The cost of repairing or replacing any damaged property could cause a serious financial letdown.

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