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Frequently Asked Questions

What risks do colleges, universities and professional schools face?

There are many risks colleges, universities and professional schools face during their business. Employees may claim unfair work practices, discrimination, failure to employ and failure to promote. Students can destroy or vandalize school properties. Mismanagement of the school's property can do a lot to the teachers and students, and could hugely affect your business. For example, when your school failed to cleanup one of the hallways and a student slips and falls. They could sue for the injuries. Your school could catch fire which could lead to property destruction. Natural disasters like storm could damage most of your school properties and rebuilding it would be a financial disaster.

How can colleges, universities and professional schools minimize their risk?

Minimize the risk of slip and fall claims with routine check of the school's property, particularly in areas where students and staff will slip in areas like bathrooms. Make sure to have adequate fire extinguishers, especially in laboratories, where a fire is more likely to happen. Carry Health Insurance and/or Workers' Compensation insurance for your employees so that the risk of your employees filing an employer negligence lawsuit is low. Carry enough insurance to protect your business against property, liability and other risks.

How can I insure my college against sexual abuse claims?

A claim of sexual abuse against one of your personnel can possibly cost millions of dollars and would take less than a year to defend. You can protect your administrative staff against sexual abuse claims by carrying abuse and molestation liability. The insurance policy will cover the defense costs and indemnification up to the limits of the policy.

Why should a college, university or professional school buy Professional Liability?

Your school's staff are prone to a lot of liability risks. If an administrator is accused of improper relations with a student, or other staff may not complete their jobs as contracted, then Professional Liability will provide coverage against lawsuits. There are many different potential situations on a college campus so contact our customer service to help determine which policy would be best for you to carry.

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