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Insurance for Chiropractors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Chiropractors need insurance?

Chiropractors need insurance because they provide medical advice and perform medical treatment to their customers. When something negative occurs because of your advice or healing procedures, the insurance will cover any medical or legal fees. Also, when a customer claims that your advice or service isn't working, your insurance policy will cover the court fees if the customer decides to sue your business.

What risks do Chiropractors face?

Your customer could claim that your treatment is not working. When this happens, you could be sued despite the fact that it is clearly working. Or a customer could slip and fall inside your office, and because the accident happened on your property you are technically responsible for paying for your customer’s medical fees. The everyday equipment in your practice will eventually break down and will need to be repaired or replaced. It could also be stolen, which is why you need insurance.

How much does insurance for Chiropractors cost?

The cost of your insurance depends on the type of services you offer, the number of employees you have, your profits and other factors. To get an accurate quote of your insurance policies, you can contact our customer service representatives or get a quote online.

What are Chiropractors all about?

Health professionals in these establishments provide treatment of the spinal column by manipulating and adjusting misaligned bone(s). These doctors operate privately or in facilities, such as a hospital.

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