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Insurance for Child and Youth Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Child and Youth Services need insurance?

In this industry, the businesses provide nonresidential assistance for children. Professionals care for children and make sure they remain in good hands. Examples of these establishments include adoption agencies, youth centers, child guidance organizations, youth self-help organizations, and foster care placement services.

Child and youth services need insurance because it protects your business against the risk of loss, damage, theft, accidents and liability claims. Defending a claim cannot only be expensive but very time-consuming, even if it is found that your business is not at fault. Moreover, the cost of subsequent damages could seriously affect your finances.

What risks do Child and Youth Services face?

If you employ anyone, including temporary, part-time or students on work placements, these employees can become injured or catch a disease at work. As their employer, you are responsible for medical payments. Your building could get damaged by fire, storm or natural disaster. If you hold money on the premises or handle large amounts of cash and this gets stolen, your business is liable for these losses. When your child and youth services are unable to deliver your services and lose income, you will pay for the damages that it may cause to your client.

How much does insurance cost for Child and Youth Services?

The cost of your insurance varies on certain criteria. Insurance providers usually look for the type of services you offer, the number of employees you have and the amount of protection you want to receive. Contact our customer service representatives to get the right insurance for you.

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