Insurance for Chemical Products Manufacturers

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What Chemical Products Manufacturers Are All About:

This extremely broad industry covers every aspect of chemical manufacturing. Establishments in this industry specialize in the creation of synthetic and organic dyes, textile agents of all kinds, chemicals used in photography, petroleum refinement, paints, vegetable oils, abrasives and more. Any business that relies on chemicals, both organic or synthetic, buys materials created by establishments in this industry.

What type of insurance does this industry need?

  • General Liability This policy protects your business in case of third party claims, such as bodily injury or property damage. For example, the common "slip-and-fall" claim would be covered by your General Liability policy. General Liability insurance is often considered to be the core coverage, particularly for businesses that regularly physically interact with customers or sell physical goods. In addition, many businesses have a contract, like a loan or a lease, requiring that they have this coverage.
  • Commercial Property This policy protects the business's physical assets and is appropriate whether you own or lease your space. Keep in mind that this policy will only offer protection in the case of covered events. If you need protection for certain scenarios, such as floods or earthquakes, you may need additional coverage. If you have a mortgage or a lease, you may be required to have property insurance. Even if you are not, this is the best way to protect the building you are in and the business property you have in case of a natural disaster or some other accident.
  • Pollution Liability This policy helps to cover the costs associated with a pollution incident involving your business. This can include bodily injury or property damage, mandated clean-up, and legal costs related to the incident. If your business regularly stores or uses pollutants, this coverage may be recommended given the high potential costs associated with investigations and environmental clean-up.
  • Workers Compensation Workers Compensation covers an employee's lost wages and the cost of resulting medical treatment if they suffer a work-related injury or disease. It also covers services needed to help the employee recover and return to work. Workers Compensation coverage is mandatory in most states. The number of employees after which it's required differs by state, but you will generally need coverage once you have employees.

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