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What Insurance Do Artists & Writers Need?

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance protects your small business if impacted by a covered risk. It'll cover the costs in replacing lost income and paying for additional expenditures. Also known as Business Interruption Coverage, this policy is usually part of your BOP (Business Owners Policy).

Inland Marine

Covers your products, materials and equipment that are transported over land (truck or train), or while they're in a warehouse. If involved in a collision, mishandling or cargo theft, Inland Marine Insurance covers the transported goods.

General Liability

General Liability Insurance protects your small business against claims of third-party bodily injury and property damage, reputational harm and advertising injury. It covers medical bills, repair costs & legal fees.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property Insurance will provide coverage for your properties in case damage renders them impossible to rent or lease.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation covers your employees' medical costs and lost wages while recovering from a work-related injury or illness. The employee gives up the right to sue your company in return for receiving cash and benefits from Workers Compensation. In some states it’s mandatory for businesses!

Media Liability

Media Liability insurance protects your small business that creates or shares content. You are shielded from accusations of invasion of privacy, defamation, emotional distress, and misappropriation..

Health Insurance

Small business Health Insurance helps you offer your employees more inexpensive access to medical insurance. Everyone can benefit from lower rates or better coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Artists and Writers are all about?

Individuals that work in this industry provide expertise on different productions. People who work in this industry include independent actors or actresses, independent producers, independent art restorers, independent recording technicians, independent artists (except musical, commercial, or medical), independent speakers, independent cartoonists, independent theatrical costume designers, independent dancers, independent theatrical lighting technicians and independent journalists.

Why do Artists need General Liability insurance?

When a visitor or client damages a possession or suffers a loss or injury as a result of your activities, General Liability insurance will provide coverage for that. If you show your work publicly, deliver to workshops, or visit client premises and have access to their equipment, this insurance covers damage to someone else's property when you are liable.

What risks can Artist and writers face?

Artists and writers can be held liable in a number of circumstances when they perform their work for others. Property and equipment damage during an event, even if it's the visitor's fault. Employee illness due to the materials or paints used for an art installation is also possible.

Why do Writers need Professional Liability insurance?

While most writers won't get sued during their careers, it is possible. The results can be devastating to your business. The words you use when writing an article or a book can be used to sue you for misuse, forgery or other claims.

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