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Insurance for Support Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Support Services need insurance?

This industry is made up of businesses that provide day-to-day business and organization support, excluding office administration, facilities support, employment services, business support, travel arrangement, and reservation services, security and investigation services, and convention organizing services.

Running a business comes with inherent risks. A natural disaster could destroy your property, an employee could become injured, or a client could file a lawsuit. For those and many other reasons, it is important that you protect your business assets. One way to do that is to have adequate business insurance.

What risks do Support Services face?

Risks include external factors that are out of your control like natural disasters, lawsuits, or customers suffering injuries on your property. If your business relies on transportation, then collision, personal and bodily injury risks are also high. There are also internal risks including lawsuits from injured or disgruntled employees, high turnover rate, theft or customer lawsuits for poor customer service. If your business relies on the computer to process credit card transactions or store customer information, then cyber crime can hit at anytime.

How much does insurance cost for Support Services?

The insurance for support services varies on the type of insurance you need for your business. The most common and highly recommended is General Liability insurance and it will cost around $500 annually. Health Insurance for your employees will cost around $300 in annual premiums. If you use a car for any business purposes, then you'll need Commercial Auto which costs around $400 annually.

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