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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Talent Agents need insurance?

In this industry, firms are involved in managing or representing performing and creative arts and sports figures. Examples of these agencies include celebrity agents or managers, sports agents or managers, literary agents, talent agents, and modeling agents.

Your business is prone to a lot of liability risks. Defending against claims and lawsuits can be a time-consuming and expensive process. In fact, it's so expensive that most businesses end up bankrupt after defending a lawsuit - win or lose. Insurance can aid in the financial impact in the event of liability or lawsuit. This is because insurance will pay for the damages and legal claims against your business, as well as defense and other court costs up to the limits that insurance offers.

What risks do Talent Agents face?

Your business often relies on the advice and services you offer. If you make a mistake in your advice or fail to fulfill your service, clients will sue you for damages you may have caused. You can have an accident while going to work and can be sued for collision and personal injury if you're at fault. Your employees could file employer negligence when they become sick or injured on the job.

How much does insurance cost for Talent Agents?

The cost of insurance varies based on the type of insurance you need for your business. Typically, the average cost of General Liability insurance, for example, is around $500 in annual premiums. Professional Liability insurance costs around $700 annually. Other insurances needed vary from around $500 to $700 annually.

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