How a Couple is Designing a New Solution for Parents on the Go

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After being stuck in a tough situation Vanessa and Phil Carrington decided to create a solution for families on the move with WeGoBabies. We sat down with Vanessa to learn more about why they started their business and her experience using CoverWallet.


How did your business get started?

My husband and I were taking our first big international trip with our infant son back in 2007 and we got stuck at the airport when our flight was delayed. We were stuck without milk or diapers so I had to ask other parents with babies for help because we were really between a rock and a hard place. I said to my husband that there should really be a vending machine for baby supplies. We kept discussing the idea and eventually decided to develop a smart vending machine for families on the go. It’s been a long road for us to develop the product and we hit a few setbacks along the way, but we’re finally launching our first vending machine in a mall in Los Angeles. Next, we plan to expand to more malls and airports across the U.S and Canada.

What types of products can families find in your vending machines?

We have all the basics including, diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, and pacifiers. We also have Pedialyte, pain relievers as well as baby food and snacks. In addition, we have some higher-end items like small toys and gifts that someone can pick up if they’re on their way to a baby shower. Everything is geared toward infants and toddlers. This is not your typical “potato chip” machine. We wanted our product to reflect who we are as a family, so it had to be smart, efficient and modern. With our machines, you can actually reserve items ahead of time, so if you’re making a long trip you don’t have to bring so many supplies with you.

As a business owner, what’s one piece of advice you would give to someone else thinking of starting their own business?

I would say, definitely have someone, either a colleague, a partner or best friend, you trust that when faced with a business hurdle they can be your rock. It’s hard to start a business when you're down, you need to have another person that can take the baton and keep going. For us, there were challenges every day and at times it felt like we would never get anywhere. But I noticed this ebb and flow where if I was down, my husband could keep going and vice versa. It’s crucial to have that support.

How did you find CoverWallet and what has the customer experience been like for you?

What we do is unique and initially I spoke to a few different companies but none of them could provide the coverage we needed. I kept digging and found CoverWallet online, I told the agent what I needed and he came back with several options. I was so thrilled we found CoverWallet, a company that understands not every business fits in a box!

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