Three Ways Managed Hosting Can Massively Help Advertising Agencies

managed hosting for advertising agencies

If you run an agency you must be well aware of the race against time phenomenon. With so much to offer, within a deadline, the advertising agencies are truly working out of their skins to make clients happy.

Many times, advertising agencies find themselves in a situation where clients complain about hosting service providers. This is where advertising agencies need to take a strategic approach to handle the situation.

That’s why we’re here to highlight the importance of using a managed hosting service to lessen the operational workload and focus on your core business essentials.

The Role of Managed Hosting for Ad Agencies

A managed-hosting solution does far more than just play the part of an IT system admin to manage your server and web applications. Developers created this solution for the end-user to help save time, navigate their way to different functions using a simple user interface, and upgrading security protocols to protect valuable data.

To truly understand the role of managed hosting, let’s explore the different facets this technology brings to the table.

Optimal Performance

Here we’ll look into how managed hosting improves server management in terms of its resource usage. Let’s look at this each aspect and how it helps the end-user.


What is server uptime? This is a percentage representation of the amount of time the server is active and running. Though 99.9% uptime is a big stretch from reality, the goal here is to be as close to that number as possible.

Why does it matter?

You would want your client’s website available for visitors round-the-clock globally to achieve maximum reach. Most hosting providers have a certificate - Service Level Agreement, which guarantees minimum downtime. The hosting provider commits to compensate you with some form of refunds if the server performance doesn’t meet the requirement that the hosting company claims.


Cloud technology has the capability for a user to choose certain power parameters of cloud computing such as CPU RAM, storage, bandwidth, and processing power. A managed-hosting provider can give their customers the option to scale depending on their own discretion and the capability of their infrastructure provider. Customers can increase server resources (for a price) without the need to migrate the server.

If you’re an advertising agency, catering to the diverse server requirements of each client can be difficult due to the unpredictability of your client’s requirements. This is where a managed cloud hosting solution comes to the rescue.

Managed hosting on cloud infrastructure is flexible enough to cater to most types of projects an advertising agency may come across. After monitoring the website traffic, you can recommend the server resources that are ideal for your client’s business requirements.


When it comes to convenience you can opt for a managed cloud hosting solution for agencies such as Cloudways that offers cross-platform compatibility and 24/7/365 support. You no longer have to worry about the future projects requiring you to integrate multiple platforms.

Freedom & Choice

Since. you’re running an advertising agency, more often than not you’ll come across projects where you’ll create websites using web page builders or content management systems. You don’t necessarily have to increase your server parameters every time, you also have the option to increase block storage to keep costs optimum.

When it comes to the choice, Cloudways provides you the option to select from five popular cloud hosting infrastructures and deploy all PHP-based applications, be it WordPress, Magento, Laravel, Joomla, Drupal or Prestashop, right from your browser.

Hence, you’re at an advantage here as the web applications and server are already linked and automatically set up for you.

Furthermore, there are a few managed hosting solutions that provide you with a simple and intuitive UI that helps you launch a server and install a web application in a few clicks.

24/7/365 Support

If you’ve had a local hosting provider, you would have most likely, already gone through the pain of contacting them to address the “Internal Server Error’ message. After a few hours, your server was down, but has been rebooted and refreshed.

That’s all great, but what about the number of visitors you’ve lost during the time your client’s website was down? Now that’s not the case with managed hosting solutions.

A managed hosting solution often has customer support included as one of its core business operations. They’ll open up channels for you to reach out to them whether it’s their live chat, social media platforms, or even the old-school support email address.


That’s because advertising agencies are not only paying for the cloud infrastructure, but also it’s services such as an additional layer of server management and troubleshooting errors.

Competition among managed web hosting providers continues to grow at about 18% (as of 2019) and is expected to escalate further this year. Therefore, you as a customer are at an advantage here as managed hosting providers compete to sustain themselves, you’ll get the best of services and support from their team.

Secured for Your Client’s Online Business

What’s more important to your business than your client’s trust. Your client is earning through his online business that’s supported by your hosting solution, which puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders.

You’ll have to ensure that security protocols are being met and there remains no loophole or vulnerability. Therefore, you’ll have to monitor every client’s website including the server they have opted for.

SSL Enabled Certificate

Almost all managed hosting solutions offer SSL certificates for their customers. Why is this SSL certificate so important? Well for starters, it encrypts sensitive information of users protecting them from being compromised.

SSL certificates are now also one of the core requirements for every website. This is also a requirement of most payment gateways to ensure their terms and conditions with banks are met, as a breach of this customer data will be very costly for any kind of business.

Security IP Whitelisting

IP Whitelisting helps block out all access points to a server and only allows access to designated IP addresses. This way a remote connection to the server is limited to a specific device which keeps your server data secure.

Most managed hosting solutions have this option as a security feature. A managed hosting provider can only provide this option if the web application such as Azure, WordPress, and more also have this capability.

Security breaches will continue to increase as cloud based infrastructures become more common. Hence, security is certainly something you should consider when choosing a managed hosting solution.

Bonus Point: Earning Passive Income

Advertising agencies usually have their cup full in terms of tasks. The severe competition leaves them with very little breathing space.

Here’s an idea: Earn a passive income through your managed hosting provider’s affiliate program. By joining the affiliate program, you can turn existing customers into sources of recurring revenue.

Suppose you use a reliable managed hosting service for your own advertising agency. If you’re convinced that the managed hosting company will continue to deliver, you can recommend the company to your existing customers. This is where you can resell hosting to your customer and earn a commission as long as your customer stays with the managed hosting services. Often, there are two ways to resell hosting where the agency manages the hosting or the client manages the hosting.


This wraps up our take on how using a managed hosting can benefit your advertising agency. We’ve covered this in three main areas: optimal performance, convenience, and dedicated support team.

A Managed hosting provider’s server operates at optimal performance with commitment of above par uptime. Some providers also give customers the option to scale their server when necessary.

Your advertising agency gets the advantage of convenience and security when choosing a managed hosting solution. When it comes to convenience you can have the freedom to choose and migrate to infrastructures based on your provider’s partnerships. You also get a dedicated support team to troubleshoot you through a problem.

Last, but not the least. Your server is secure with a managed hosting provider as it would be the providers utmost importance to cater to business needs. Security protocols like IP Whitelisting and Easy SSL integrations can also be done with the click of a button.

Author Bio: Umair Qureshi is a Digital Marketer at Cloudways. He loves to read and share his digital marketing experience with the Ecommerce & Startups community. In his spare time, he enjoys watching and playing cricket. You can email him at