5 Ways A Janitorial Cleaning Software Can Transform Your Business

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5 Ways A Janitorial Cleaning Software Can Transform Your Business

Today’s highly advanced technology has truly taken each and every one of us by storm – including businesses. From rapid internet connection to modern gadgets and amazing applications, it seems that everyone in the industry is using them to make jobs fast and simple. But what about traditional companies such as cleaning businesses? Will they benefit from these advancements?

Starting a cleaning business requires no jaw-dropping technology. In fact, a simple pen and paper are usually more than enough to keep the operations going. But if you’re a small cleaning company looking for efficient ways to cut on cost without sacrificing the quality of services, maybe it’s time for you to dive into the wonders of modern technology.

Although it’s not easy to choose the right software meant for your business, here are the top 5 reasons why you should get one.

1. It helps save time

As an entrepreneur, it’s very common to wear many hats at work. It's normal to see business owners acting as marketing manager, receptionist, cashier, customer support, accountant, etc. Especially if you are new to the business, there are various responsibilities and paramount duties resting on your shoulders. Until you’re able to grow your company and hire people to focus on key areas of your business, using a janitorial cleaning software could lend a helping hand.

The beauty of janitorial software lies in its ability to give insights about your business in a quick and speedy manner. You can easily prioritize things that matter most such as level of supplies, cleaning schedules, past bookings, reported issues, and many more. Rather than checking things every day, you can get ahead of schedule and plan each task accordingly.

  • There are applications which allow you to view cleaners remotely.
  • Some software comes bundled with accounting and management features.
  • All data is kept in a safe, secure, and accessible location.

2. It facilitates stronger communication

Communication is important if you want to scale your cleaning business, and it isn’t contained in customer service alone. Updating your social media accounts keeps customers well-informed while requesting past clients to review your services is essential to attract potential clients. Updating your website, contacting previous customers, and brainstorming for new opportunities is easy – if you’re not busy.

But what if you have 20 missed calls and an inbox full of emails first thing in the morning? Add up the phone ringing from clients asking questions and private messages requesting quotations. Your goal is to establish rapport with clients, and that will surely take a while if time is not on your side. Yet, with janitorial business software, it’s easy and simple to facilitate strong communication with customers. Cleaning applications can:

  • Filter out messages and sort those that are important.
  • Create customized criteria depending on the sense of urgency.
  • Backup all emails, voice calls, text messages, and transpired conversations.

3. It improves employee retention

Another benefit of using janitorial cleaning software is that it helps retain employees. It’s no secret that many companies are having trouble retaining cleaners. A high employee turnover rate means more people are leaving your company, the more workers you need to hire to continue operations. With fewer people getting interested in cleaning jobs and the hiring process getting more difficult, it’s in your best interest to keep employees happy and content.

Depending on the application, some janitorial software can improve retention rates. There are programs that can solicit feedback from workers while protecting their identity, apps to improve employee conditions, and automatic scheduling to ensure fair roster lineup. You could also install those that focus on project management to facilitate an organized timetable. Basically, employees need to feel:

  • That they are welcomed, accepted, and valued as a person.
  • That their own success is being recognized at work.
  • That their role as a cleaner matter to other people.

4. It helps win more contracts

Research shows that almost 73% of cleaning companies felt the need to lower bids just to win cleaning contracts. With tons of competitors sprouting almost every day, price rivalry is getting tougher and tougher. The more contractors there are in a bid, you can expect prices to go down below what’s expected. To help cut down with cost, some of these companies are forced to underperform in order to generate at least a decent amount of revenue.

So how can you win cleaning jobs without lowering bids? There are many ways to close a deal without sacrificing bids or services. You can opt to use a janitorial bidding software for accurate and precise bidding, or use advanced applications that will showcase your services right when you need it most. A digital walkthrough using sophisticated programs allows you to:

  • Introduce your company in a unique, interesting, and spectacular way.
  • Upload before and after pictures, as well as videos of your services.
  • Show testimonials from satisfied clients and ongoing cleaning projects.

5. It aids in problem resolution

Last but not least, of the many benefits of utilizing a janitorial cleaning software, is that it helps resolve problems faster and in a more systematic way. Problems do happen on site and as an owner, you know for a fact that the golden rule here is to report it immediately. More often than not, employees use traditional modes of communication to report problems – calling and texting. But information sent on mobile devices can easily get lost and don’t float atop.

A janitorial cleaning program allows you to organize messages based on different factors. Tailored for your needs, you can prioritize messages based on the type of problem, location, client, budget, or deadline of completion. You can effortlessly resolve problems in a specific, expedient, and structured manner. By using cleaning software, it avoids problems such as:

  • Reporting to the wrong people and sending late messages.
  • Incorrect prioritization based on current location, situation, and needs.
  • Miscommunication between the involved parties, e.g. cleaner to direct supervisor.

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