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Top Salon Promotion Ideas for your Beauty Parlor 

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The salon industry grew to $63 billion in 2017, but the number of salons decreased by 5%. It is a tough industry, with fierce competition and new business models constantly emerging. With consumer behavior continuously changing, people going to the salon less frequently, and many opting to buy products from retailers including Amazon, it can be challenging for salons to stand out and really thrive.

From traditional salon or spa services such as manicures, pedicures, hair coloring, styling, and makeup, to modern offerings like tanning and holistic treatments, there are many services and treatments that these businesses offer. With new tools and marketing ideas, it is entirely possible to bring in new customers, while building a loyal and dedicated clientele. Here are some top ideas to promote your salon and make it the place to be.

Referral rewards

A referral rewards system is one of the great salon promotion ideas that has been proven successful many times due to its simplistic yet compelling nature. Applicable for all businesses but highly effective in the salon industry, having a well-planned referral program in place will certainly increase your client base. Word of mouth is such a powerful tool that it can literally make or break your salon business. Great recommendations from past customers are what you need to help grow your business.

Referral programs must be attractive and irresistible enough to create awareness and attract new clients. Additionally, it is important to note that having a happy and fully satisfied client base is the secret towards having a successful referral program. Say goodbye to half-measures and few dollar-off savings and instead consider these incentives:

  • For every referral made, give promotional products that your customers will actually use.
  • Give a discount or free services such as hair coloring and treatments for every person that a client refers and books an appointment.
  • Create a referral card and loyalty program for those who patronize your business.

Be mobile ready

The majority of web searches right now are done through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, so it is essential that your website that is compatible on all platforms. As a salon owner, you should be sure to check the responsiveness of your website to retain a high online ranking.

Customers having problems browsing your website due to tiny text and unreadable pages will quickly abandon your site. The same thing goes for clients having a hard time trying to book an appointment online due to device incompatibility. A website that is not optimized for mobile devices will result in less traffic and thus fewer chances of attracting potential clients.

  • If your website isn’t mobile ready yet, work with web developers to discover your options.
  • While doing this, check your business listings in local directories for accuracy.
  • Make sure that your NAP (Name, address and phone number) are correct to assist search engine results.
  • Integrate an online booking system like Booker, which allows clients to schedule an appointment without ever picking up the phone.

Selfie Station

Who doesn’t want to take a selfie wearing that fabulous new look you’ve always wanted courtesy of your favorite salon? People nowadays are so into selfies that their social media accounts are always filled with wonderful photos taken from just about anywhere. And most of them post selfie pictures taken at home or in the car right after their salon appointment. Why not utilize this trend to promote your business location and services?

By simply adding a dedicated selfie station inside your salon, armed with the right equipment to make your customers look like Hollywood celebrities, you’ve just created a unique but practical marketing tactic to promote your business. Easy, effective, and affordable, this would definitely boost your online visibility and reach your clients’ network of friends, many of whom likely live in the area.

  • Dedicate a small space consisting of a mirror, chair, and lighting for the selfie station.
  • Use decals to brand every shot by putting your business name on the selfie mirror and add a hashtag.
  • For those who lack space, simply put decals on your normal mirrors.

Sponsor or host a local fashion show

For a unique salon promotion idea, sponsor or host a local fashion show to stylishly publicize your business. Hair, makeup, and style are all major components in the fashion industry, so why not get your name out in the crowd of fashionistas? Most businesses do this to promote their trade in a subtle yet helpful way.

In exchange for this, you’ll benefit from content marketing advertisements such as brochures and photos. Moreover, from social opportunities like this, you’ll be able to build public relations with the media. Before starting a local fashion event, make sure to check all necessary requirements and permits from your local township to avoid problems.

  • Ask around and see if there are any charity fashion events coming up where you can contribute hair styling or makeup. This is a great way to give back to the local community, while also getting good exposure for your businesses and the services you provide.
  • Contact fashion houses or boutiques in your local community that are hosting an upcoming show and indicate your interest in being a sponsor.
  • Open the possibility for tie-ups and partnerships with other local businesses.

To ensure a liability-free show, consider getting a certificate of insurance for a one-day event.

Select and reward “Influencers” who can spread the word

Maybe you have a beauty consultant friend who’s often asked for referrals and recommendations? Or a social media savvy colleague with gazillions of followers? Turn them into influencers who would literally serve as your walking and talking advertisement. When combined with a referral system, these salon promotion ideas are the fastest ways to market your beauty business.

These movers and shakers in the community will help spread the word of your beauty salon and in no time at all, you’ll have tons of customers lining up to get their hair and nails done. This salon marketing idea wouldn’t work without a good reward program for their participation. Consider these rewards for your influencers:

  • Offer complimentary services such as deep conditioning, free monthly manicure, etc.
  • Send gift baskets such as fruits and home essentials and include beauty products.
  • If you have the financial means, pay them for every referral made to incentivize them to post or spread the word.