Top Rated POS Software for Your Small Business

Top rated pos software

POS or Point of Sale is a combination of hardware and software used by most businesses to process customer orders and payments. Most POS are located inside physical stores where business transactions usually happen. The merchant calculates the amount owed by the client, prepares an invoice, and processes the payment in exchange for the service or goods provided.

POS is extremely helpful for business owners for a variety of reasons. First, it helps make keeping track sales and facilitates payments much easier compared to traditional methods. Furthermore, the modern POS solution of today is equipped with convenient features such as inventory management, payroll assistance, and accounting software.

While the majority of POS can be seen inside huge shopping malls and retail businesses, the advanced technology of the 21st century made it compatible even to the smallest shop outlet. Thanks to smartphones, cloud computing, and RFID technologies, entrepreneurs can now use the wonders of POS to manage their businesses better. Check out these top rated POS software systems that can help streamline your payment process.


Square is a stunning POS solution that is easy-to-use, convenient, full of features, and best of all, free. Equipped with an intuitive payment processing system and seamless compatibility with credit card readers as well as mobile applications, it’s a favorite amongst food truck vendors and small retail shops for on-the-go transactions. Pair it with other apps and you’ll have an efficient business management solution.

With its ability to provide synchronized data analytics through a simple dashboard, Square allows you to view detailed reports in any device regardless of location. You can check staff schedules, latest invoices, real-time sales, issued refunds, and employee time cards on your mobile phone or laptop computer. Likewise, you can use it to create loyalty programs or customized invoices that you can easily print via receipt printers.

  • Square is free to use with no monthly cost for the basic plan.
  • Transparent transaction fees per tap, dip, or swipe.
  • Additional tools are available to boost your business for a minimal cost.


With more than 600,000 merchants all over the world using this site, Shopify is without a doubt one of the most popular POS platforms made for small businesses. It features everything an entrepreneur will need from customer payment, marketing, product shipping, to client engagement in a retail-based online POS system. Shopify is more of a customizable service rather than a full-blown POS that focuses more on online businesses.

But Shopify is no ordinary point of sales software because it’s packed with various features such as branding tools, web building instruments, online store themes, marketing strategies, inventory tracking, and even a customer management system. Depending on your needs, Shopify comes in three plans – basic, Shopify, and advanced Shopify ranging from $13 to $107 per month.

  • There is a free trial available for 14 days so you can gauge their services.
  • If you do business on Facebook only, check out the Lite plan.
  • Credit card processing fee differs depending on the plan.

Revel Systems

Revel Systems is yet another top rated POS software specifically made for food businesses. Although it is more of a CRM or Customer Relationship Management system, it aims to improve businesses by turning passive buyers into loyal clients. If you run a quick-service restaurant, bar, coffee shop, brewery or small food stalls, you’ll definitely enjoy the modern features of this highly capable system.

Offering an easy checkout with offline mode, detailed report dashboard, automatic backups, and clever customer management tools, Revel streamlines your day-to-day operations. From purchasing orders to checking inventory stocks, it automates how your business works. One of its biggest advantages is the iPad POS which makes selling and running a business easy and efficient. There is a free demo available to check and review its features. Revel Systems comes with:

  • Mobile order takers, self-service kiosks, and customizable gift cards.
  • Integrated online ordering and a flexible payment system.
  • Kitchen, stocks, and employee management solutions.


For every business, keeping track of inventory can be a huge challenge if you don’t have the right tools, and it may lead to unbalanced books and missing revenues. This is where ShopKeep becomes extremely handy. You can use it to manage items with no limits, check reports when needed, or send alerts when stocks are low. ShopKeep is a powerful inventory tool built into a solid POS system for easier business supervision.

One winning feature of ShopKeep is the modern cash register that works on every iPad. Easy-to-install and simple-to-use, it takes the old traditional cash drawer and takes your business into another level. Through this, you can do refunds and returns, split payments, make deposits or down payments, give discounts, and customize receipts without additional hardware.

  • Note that the cash register feature is only available on Apple devices.
  • Tailored according to your business needs and industry requirements.
  • The monthly subscription fee is undisclosed but offers short-term services.


Next is the ever popular accounting solution QuickBooks. With its ability to track expenses, customize invoices, send data analytics, perform reports, manage sales tax, and schedule payments, it makes any financial challenge just a thing of the past. Combine it with QuickBooks POS software, now you can effortlessly run your small business.

While QuickBooks is known to be a dedicated accounting software, there is a QuickBooks Point of Sale software made to simplify your business. The system features easy inventory tracking, synchronization with QuickBooks accounting, integrated payments, automated customer rewards, and many more. QuickBooks POS comes in three pricing models; Basic, Pro, and Multi-Store. But unlike other POS vendors, it requires no monthly fees but only a one-time purchase payment to use the service.

  • Pricing starts from $1200 to $1900 but discounts are usually offered.
  • An online store can take advantage of various integrations from email marketing to e-commerce.
  • Runs online via a web browser but downloadable on Windows desktops as well as iPads.


Last but not least of these top rated POS software is Vend. This POS offers many features but is specifically a great option for small businesses that offer loyalty programs. Through Vend you can group together customers and offer these groups deals and discounts, as well as easily create and issue gift cards. Managing customer loyalty points is as simple as a few clicks, where you can set a ratio for the amount of money a customer spends to the points they receive.

  • Vend offers 3 levels of service Lite, Pro, and Enterprise
  • These range in price from $99 per month, $129 per month, and the Enterprise plan requires requesting a quote
  • Vend is compatible with both Mac and PC systems

As a small business owner, you’re constantly being pulled in many directions. As the saying goes, time is money, so why waste your precious time, and resources, going through receipts, checking inventory lists, or managing payroll when a Point of Sales Software can do it for you? Choosing the right one can be a vital tool in the success of your small business.

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