The Top POS Systems for Your Small Business

top pos systems

POS devices can be found pretty much anywhere, from farmer’s markets, cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and hotels. Today’s systems go well beyond simple cash register functions and include inventory management, employee scheduling, and CRM (customer relationship management), and having the right POS system can optimize your business operations and increase growth. Here’s a look at the top POS systems for small businesses based on industry:

Bindo pos systems

Bindo: Best POS for retailers with a lot of online orders

Bindo is a cloud-based iPad POS system that offers over 300 different features. Bindo allows you set up an online store on your website and customize it to your needs.

Clover pos system

Clover: Best for fast-growing restaurants

One of the best features about Clover is how customizable it is. This POS system can scale with your business, letting you choose the features your need right now, with the option to expand and add additional apps or accessories as you grow.

Epos now pos system

Epos Now: Best for hotels

One of the great features of Epos Now is that their system offers live sales reports. You can search for reports based on specific criteria such as item, staff, or refunds.

Erply pos systems

Erply: Best security features

Retailers, of any size, process a lot of credit card information and are therefore vulnerable to cyber criminals. Erply makes security easy with a cloud-based system with 24/7 backup and data encryption. They also offer automatic security updates.

IT retail pos systems

IT Retail: Best for grocery stores

IT Retail was built by grocers for grocery stores. Some of their features include online grocery shopping, self-checkout, and cameras that can help catch shoplifters.

Lightspeed pos systems

Lightspeed: Best for retail inventory management

Lightspeed makes inventory management simple with integrated catalogs. You can track the cost of your inventory and get low stock alerts.

NCR silver pos systems

NCR Silver: Best for self-ordering

NCR Silver’s self-ordering kiosks will help your restaurant customers get through the line faster, improving the customer experience, and cut down on the cost of labor, putting more money back in your pocket.

Paytouch pos systems

Paytouch: Best for restaurant ticket management

Managing orders on a busy night can be overwhelming for your wait staff. Paytouch makes it easy to see the status of every order to make sure your customers get everything they need.

Poster pos systems

Poster POS: Best for when your off the grid

Poster has an offline mode that makes it easy to take orders and process payments even without an internet connection. And better yet, all of your offline orders will sync with the system as soon as you’re back online so no information is lost.

Quickbooks pos systems

Quickbooks POS: Best for repair shops

If your store offers repairs, like an auto shop or bike store, Quickbooks lets you create work orders. You can also assign a work order to a specific employee making it easy to manage tasks.

Revel pos systems

Revel: Best for quick service restaurants

Quick service restaurants have to move fast to keep customers satisfied. Revel uses a customer display system that allows customers to add tips and sign right on the screen, making the check-out process faster and easier.

Shopify pos systems

Shopify: Best flexible payment option

Shopify makes it easy to accept two or more payment types, like credit cards and cash on one bill. You can also offer your customers store credit, deposits, or layaways--the options are endless!

Shopkeep pos systems

Shopkeep: Best for bars

Your bartenders will thank you for choosing Shopkeep. Their POS takes the guesswork out of tipping, showing customers suggested tipping percentages for their purchases.

Springboard retail pos systems

Springboard Retail: Best for apparel stores

Springboard makes it easy to customize all your data for the different products you offer, from shoes, clothes, jewelry, and accessories. Springboard will give you real-time updates on your inventory to make sure your most popular items are always stocked.

Square pos systems

Square: Best for pop-ups

Square makes it easy to take payments right from your phone with their contactless and chip reader devices.

top pos systems

Toast: Best for online restaurant ordering

Restaurant owners know that many online ordering systems charge you a fee to use their platform, but not with Toast. Toast does not charge a commission and the orders go straight to your kitchen to streamline the process.

Touchbistro pos systems

TouchBistro: Best for restaurant table management

No restaurant-goer wants to wait for a table and with TouchBistro’s POS you can design your floor plan and manage multiple sections to help get hungry customers to their seats faster.

Upserve pos systems

Upserve: Best mobile app

For restaurant owners, the work never stops. UpServe’s mobile app will let you track and respond to every aspect of your business as they happen, all from your phone 24/7.

Vend pos systems

Vend: Best for customer management

With Vend you can add vital customer information into the system at the point of sale. Your customer’s details are automatically saved so you can view their purchase history and account balances.


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